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QuickBooks comes with an icon bar pre-installed, a horizontal strip at the top of the screen whose icons take you to specific parts of the program. The default icon bar may serve your purposes well, but if not, you can easily modify it. Click View | Customize Icon Bar (or right-click directly on the icon bar). There are other desktop-related options in this same window that have to do with QuickBooks’ help features.


Once you change the icon hit the OK button in order to save the changes. From the list of options select the properties option. In order to create the shortcut of the file you have to right click on the executable file and select the option create shortcut. First you have to create a executable file which you want to customize if in case it is not already have it.

Disable ‘Show lowest subaccount only’ when importing from QuickBooks Enterprise

When the backup is opened, it becomes an accountant’s copy file. Now from the options select the context menu and select the customize icon bar from the list of options. Log off and close all company accounts before proceeding. Company files can be damaged while updating QuickBooks. Also, many users have reported damage to the license files after manually updating QB. To be on the safer side, ensure that all company files are logged out of.

Select the settings option in order to right clicking on the start menu. Now click on the save and exit button in order to save the changes and exit from the screen. Click on the display option from the drop menu of the options.

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Also, you can simplify and automate the how to write a receipt using Dancing Numbers which will help in saving time and increasing efficiency and productivity. Just fill in the data in the relevant fields and apply the appropriate features and it’s done. An IIF file is an export file created when your data leaves the accounting software.

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Select customize icon bar from the menu and the customize icon bar window will automatically open in front of you. The QuickBooks Point of Sale multi-user issues arises when users are trying to access a company file that is available … Get instant assistance with QuickBooks accounting software. Our QuickBooks experts are available 24×7 and resolve issues within minimum turnaround time. We support both US & Canada Editions of QuickBooks Software. Then, check if the top icon bar is showing from the View menu or on the QuickBooks Desktop screen .

  • Open your QuickBooks account with the help of your login ID password.
  • When you set printing preferences, they are saved in a file with a .qbp file.
  • The qbx is a portable company file you export and send to an accountant.
  • Also, you can simplify and automate the process using Dancing Numbers which will help in saving time and increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • To import, go to Profiles from the Preferences window.

In the Delete process, select the file, lists, or transactions you want to delete, then apply the filters on the file and then click on the Delete option. Under the control panel home, you have to select the change desktop icon link in the left pane. You can choose the icon you’d like to use as well as give it your own label and description. If you’d like to add icons to your Icon Bar click the Add button and the Add Icon Bar Item window will appear. If you find yourself not using some of these icons you can edit this icon bar.

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Click the „Add Separator” button to add a separator between icons. Worried about losing time with an error prone software? Our error free add-on enables you to focus on your work and boost productivity. Bulk import, export, and deletion can be performed with simply one-click. A simplified process ensures that you will be able to focus on the core work.

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Every time you back up a file, the platform keeps track of changes to the file. The next time you back up the file, QB resets the data. If an error is made, you can look at the transaction logs and reset them. When a business downloads transactions from their bank, QuickBooks opens them with a .qbo file format. You can also import a qbo file to quickly export transactions into your bank register.

For example, your main company files are in a whole other realm than the backup data files . There are three options for preserving your desktop layout. If you click Save when closing company, QuickBooks will open with the windows that were open when you last closed the company file.

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To make sure no other QuickBooks files are open, you should open the Windows Task Manager. The Fathom Desktop Connector and the QuickBooks file (.QBW file) you are uploading into Fathom must be opened using the same file pathway. This helps to isolate any networking or mapped network drive issues. She prides herself on reverse-engineering the logistics of successful content management strategies and implementing techniques that are centered around people .

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In the Customize Icon Bar window I click the little arrow to the left of Backup! It’s part of the icon set „LibreICONS Icon Library”, which has 2,107 icons in it. As well, welcome to check new icons and popular icons in 30+ design styles. Discover all logos icons to find more icons of this topic. Get solutions to all of your accounting and bookkeeping problems with industry-leading experts.


You can select an icon in Icon Bar Content and click the „Delete” button to remove it from the toolbar. Next, set up the mapping of the file column related to the QuickBooks field. Dancing Numbers template file does this automatically; you just need to download the Dancing Number Template file.

  • As per your requirement change the size and the placement of the logo.
  • These problems should be rare, but Intuit at least has these available should the issue arise.
  • From the drop-down menu of edit tab you have to click on preferences.
  • 6.After you choose a color, you will immediately see the color bar at the top of each window will change to the color that you selected.

From the top of the screen click on the menu and then right click on the icon bar from the list of options. In this window you’ll see a selection of options that you can add to your icon bar. One such QuickBooks error that is commonly reported by the users is software unable to open company file in QuickBooks … Uncheck the ‘Don’t allow applications to access this company file’ option. If you have multiple files of the same company open, close all but one of the company files to ensure there are no duplicate files open. This is the company file extension for the 2019 version of QuickBooks Pro for Mac.

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